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It’s essential to have an own social media presence in a social network. There’s no better free way to reach more potential customers by spreading your content virally through a Twitter account, Facebook fanpage and Google+ page.    

Comparable with backlinks it’s important for SEO to get quality social shares on social networking sites for your web pages. The major search engines like Google and Bing use those social signals as one factor within the calculation of a website’s ranking.

In order to determine the social authority of your website with its pages as one ranking factor, search engines look at social interactions and behavior. In detail Google and other search engines track how many people you follow, how many follow you and how many people shared the webpage url of an article.




With an own presence on popular social networks like Facebook or Google+ a business can reach potential customers for free without extra advertising costs. Furthermore a business which has an active social media presence shows people from outside that it’s able to keep up with changing technical features.    

A social network connects a business with all of its customers and allows to inform all of them directly with one click. For example you can post on your Facebook fanpage or Twitter wall to offer special discounts for your fans and followers. Satisfied customers can write positive experiences with your business on your social media presence which is another free promotion for your products or services.

This is why Social media marketing is so important, because it provides businesses a new attractive way to connect and communicate with their current and potential customers.


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